The Hebrew University aspires to constitute a dignified, respectful and egalitarian environment that serves as fertile ground for learning, for personal, professional and social growth, for the exchange of ideas and knowledge and for research and work.


At the University, as in every organization, there are aberrant occurrences. The University aims to stamp out the phenomenon of sexual harassment and advocates a zero-tolerance policy on this issue.

This website is part of the Hebrew University's improved efforts to prevent sexual harassment.

The University administration appointed a committee, headed by Prof. Barak Medina, to examine the regulatory arrangements on this subject. The Committee issued a call for proposals to the University community that resulted in many constructive suggestions, and it recommended a set of regulations for the prevention of sexual harassment that included many innovative elements.

In addition to the new regulations, groups of members of the University community have been set up to discuss ways of strengthening awareness of the prevention of sexual harassment and of encouraging people to report suspected harassment. This activity is being carried out in cooperation with the entire University community, which includes the students and the administrative and academic staff, with the aim of deepening their trust in the system, thereby helping to prevent sexual harassment and increase the willingness to report such incidents.