The Hebrew University aspires to promote a respectful and equitable environment, providing a fertile ground for study, professional and social development, exchange of views and knowledge, research and work. The University aims to stamp out the phenomenon of sexual harassment and advocates a zero-tolerance policy on this issue. The Hebrew University regulations for the prevention of sexual harassment, updated in 2019, feature progressive and unique mechanisms for addressing sexual harassment in the University.

The Commission for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment has a dual role - on the one hand, to receive and investigate complaints and reports of sexual harassment, order certain interim steps, and provide assistance and support; and on the other hand, to provide training, guidance and counselling on matters of sexual harassment and intimidation for the University community. 

The Commission is headed by two Commissioners, working alongside a team of deputies based in the various campuses who assist in the handling of complaints and serve as a local address to which students and staff can turn. In addition, the Commission has a team of assistants who accompany and support complainants. The Commission also refers complainants to other University and external support sysetms as necessary.

Apart from the Commission, several groups of University community members have been set up with the aim of increasing awareness and deepening trust in the system, thereby helping to prevent sexual harassment and increase the willingness to report it.