What happens at a disciplinary tribunal hearing?

The University has three disciplinary tribunals -

A disciplinary tribunal for academic staff - dealing with complaints against members of the academic staff; a disciplinary tribunal for members of the administrative staff - dealing with complaints against members of the administrative staff; and a disciplinary tribunal for students dealing with complaints against students. Similar principles apply  to all three disciplinary tribunals.

In the disciplinary tribunal, the University, represented by a disciplinary prosecutor, prosecutes the individual who harassed you. An "indictment" is filed against the accused / defendant. The prosecutor must collect the evidence, meet with the witnesses and prepare a "case" - similar to what happens when someone is criminally prosecuted. The prosecution is, of course, based on your testimony and perhaps the testimony of other victims and witnesses.

It is important to emphasize that you are not the prosecutor, and it is not you who must conduct the proceedings. You do not have to worry about legal representation, but you do have the right, if you wish, to appoint a representative or escort to be with you during proceedings. However, this representative may not take an active part in the disciplinary proceeding.