What happens if I submit a formal complaint to the Commissioner?


The Commissioner will meet with you to hear what happened and record your complaint in full. She will then ask you to read the complaint and make corrections, if necessary. After you confirm that the written complaint faithfully represents your words, you will be asked to confirm it with your signature.

The Commissioner will begin an inquiry into the matter immediately. If there is a concern that there are additional victims, the Commissioner will try to locate them, while maintaining maximum discretion. The person against whom the complaint is made will be summoned to an inquiry before the Commissioner, who will provide him with the details of the complaint and request his response, which will also be recorded. If the Commissioner believes that there is room to expand the inquiry, she may summon additional relevant persons. The Commissioner will make every effort to complete the inquiry as quickly as possible. After the inquiry, the Commissioner will forward the conclusions to the disciplinary tribunal (except in cases where she believes there is no basis for the complaint or in minor cases that she can handle herself through mediation or by agreement).